Bacterial nanocellulose as a primary biomaterial for the replacement of tissues and organs.

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Luismar Marques Porto Porto, L.M.(Federal University of Santa Catarina); Bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) has been extensively studied in the last few years and its unique properties make the BNC hydrogels a biomaterial of excellence for tissue and organ replacements. In this work we will present state of the art BNC developments and several applications based on pure BNC and composites aiming soft and hard tissue applications. We have tested BNC in combination with peptides, protein fibers, other polysaccharides and inorganic materials, such as hydroxyapatite and bioglass. An organ-size vascularized and endothelized BNC body is been developed to serve as a pseudo-organ for surgical robotic training. The fact that localized vessels and cell monolayers can easily be built inside the material provides an opportunity to test high precision surgical interventions, limitations and robot accuracy. Although we will focus on the material properties more than on mechanical actions, proof of concept and other key issues will be presented and discussed.
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